Rex-Royal S500

The Powerful Inspiration

The Rex-Royal S500 is our power pack at the highest level, either for self-service or service mode. Especially when large quantities of different coffee and mixed drinks are needed quickly, then the S500 meets those requirements.
From a hot espresso to a layered latte macchiato, fine foamed cappuccino, cold or warm milk foam to sweet chocolate. Thanks to the S500 these delicacies are available to you at the push of a button. With the efficient boiler an uninterrupted flow of hot water is possible at any time to get hot water as well as coffee or mixed products and double dosed products simultaneously.

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  • Simultaneous dispensing of hot water and 2 coffees
    Hot water capacity of 58 Liters / hour
    3rd grinder as option; for up to 3 different coffee roasts
    Bean capacity 2.6 kg with 2 grinders | 3.1 kg with 3 grinders

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Innovative Swiss Engineering

Excellent Coffee Quality

Extraction is a crucial factor in the preparation of a perfect coffee. For our patented metal brewing unit, which can hold up to 23 grams of coffee powder, consistent, high-quality extraction is guaranteed every time for single and double products.
The S500 runs with up to three separate boilers for making coffee, for steam and hot water. With a hot water capacity of up to 58 l/h an efficient dispensing without interruption is possible at any time.
Fitted with two precise, high-performance grinders as standard, you can also fit an optional third grinder to the S500. A hot, perfect espresso is always guaranteed thanks to the optional, heated coffee spout, even if the machine isn’t used for a long time.



More than just Coffee


The milk system guarantees the perfect milk foam in consistency and quality. This is where the S500 plays its trump card and can offer a constant, wonderful Barista milk foam quality, that offers you a silky or luscious thick foam that can be served warm or cold - even at high dispensing rates.
With the two instant containers, for all soluble beverages, such as chocolate, hazelnut or instant tea, and by adding our aroma module you can extend your beverage selections with three additional flavours. Serve a caramelized latte macchiato, a fruity mixed beverage or an Irish coffee.
The automatic cleaning system meets the highest HACCP hygiene standards and cleans the appliance in a minimum of time. The result is always a clean, flawless coffee machine.

Powerful Combinations

Made for You


10.1-inch user interface

Coffee with a Message

The high-resolution, 10.1-inch touch screen with intuitive menu navigation allows different operating concepts. Whether that’s cup selection or self-service layout, every option is open to you. It’s easy to make seasonal adjustments to the user interface at any time. On a user level, the most important steps are explained with an animation.
One form of efficient support in terms of self-service is the automatic vertically-adjustable drinks spout. The spout automatically positions itself at the correct height for the mug, glass or cup.

With the Rex-Royal mobile solution, you can position your S500 wherever you want, and independently of a water connection. Your coffee machine can then be used anywhere and whenever you want, which is particularly useful outdoors and for conference spaces.



Always connected


The high-resolution 10.1-inch touch screen with intuitive menu navigation allows various operating concepts.
The new IoT solution "Rex-Royal Cloud" analyzes and processes data from the coffee machine in real time. At the click of a mouse, these can be accessed online, and regardless of location. This gives you the opportunity to optimize processes, reduce service costs, identify trends, evaluate seasonal offers and thus increase sales.

Our MDB-Interface allows the connection to all payment systems like contactless credit card reader, pay by phone, QR- and bar code scanner.

Rex-Royal Modularity

A Perfect Match

The Rex-Royal S500 is compatible with our S300 range and can, as illustrated, be used with a 10-litre refrigerator for both coffee machines. A variety of combination possibilities and options, such as a cup warmer, cup dispenser and mobile solutions complements the Rex-Royal coffee machines and optimally matches your requirements.

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Rex-Royal Portfolio


Coffee machine for small to medium capacity

Despite its compact shape, the Rex-Royal S1 is the perfect coffee machine for small to medium-sized needs; whether in a bakery, a small restaurant, in convenience stores or in the office. The S1 ensures perfect preparation of your drinks.

Coffee machine for medium capacity

The Rex-Royal S2 is the perfect professional coffee machine for medium capacity requirements and is particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, retail sector, bakeries, takeaways, petrol stations, bookshops etc.

Your choice for medium to high capacity

The Rex-Royal S300 meets the high standards of hotel industry, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, petrol stations, takeaways, wherever a medium to high capacity is required.

Our power pack at the highest level

The Rex-Royal S500 is our power pack at the highest level, especially when large quantities of different coffee specialities are needed quickly as well as a high hot water capacity. The S500 is particularly suitable for coffee bars, exclusive gastronomy, hotel industry, etc.