As a Swiss family business, sustainability is one of our key concerns. Our commitment is to create sustainable products and utilise our resources in a responsible manner.


Sustainable products

Recyclable materials –
high-quality components

We mainly use recyclable materials and components for our products. On average, a Rex-Royal coffee machine consists of 75% stainless steel.


Durable machines –
sustainable service

Our machines have been designed with a special focus on sustainable service. Individual wearing parts can be replaced if necessary. We also guarantee to supply spare parts for a period of 10 years.

Our company is committed to ensuring that our professional coffee machines and all other products achieve an exceptionally long service life.

Saving energy during operation

The heating circuit in our fully automatic coffee machines is thermally insulated and digitally controlled for heating with optimised use of energy. Our machines automatically switch to economy mode with time-controlled functions.


Refurbished coffee machines

As part of our commitment to particularly durable coffee machines, we also conduct expert repairs on older machine models.
In this way, we enable a second life and promote responsible husbanding of our resources.

Sustainability through recycling

Recycling in production

Careful production processes allow us to return waste material directly to the manufacturer, so it can be fed back into the material cycle.


Partnership SENS eRecycling

Many of our components can be dismantled down to the individual materials. Our partner SENS eRecycling supports us with the professional recycling of our products.

Sustainable infrastructure

Promotion of sustainable mobility

We are committed to sustainable mobility by providing free charging stations for our employees' vehicles. Additionally, we are dedicated to an environmentally friendly future, and are actively transitioning our vehicle fleet to sustainable propulsion methods.


25% production energy from photovoltaics

Around 25% of the energy for making our products and operating the site comes from our photovoltaic system.

We are prioritising a sustainable building infrastructure by implementing intelligent building automation, energy-efficient lighting systems, and renewable energy production, and we are constantly expanding these measures.