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Rex-Royal S2 Railway

Coffee on the Move

Coffee Concepts for Railway Applications


The Rex-Royal S2 Railway proud successor of the proven Rex-Royal S200 Railway and available from now on. The S2 Railway has been adapted to the constant changing requirements in the railway sector. The range of railway specific options have been extended. The Rex-Royal S2 Railway meets the requirements of the fire protection class HL3 and can and can therefore also be installed into train sleeper.


EN 45545-2 HL3


EN 61373


EN 50121

Swiss Quality

and processing precision

The requirements on railway equipment have radically changed over the past years and this has contributed to the security of the passengers. Rex-Royal follows this process by our business relationships with prestigious railway suppliers especially in Switzerland. Thanks to the years of experience in the railway business and our reliable partners, we have the possibility to improve and test our products according to the newest standards. With this we offer our customers a safe product in all respects. The engineering and production site in Switzerland as well as the associated internal processing possibilities, especially for product specific requirements, allows us to react flexibly and promptly with these demanding requirements and implement them professionally.


Railway Specific standard model

The Rex-Royal S2 Railway has been adapted to the special requirements in the railway sector and will be delivered standardly among others, with a mounting frame, which secures a safe fastening of the machine. The lockable containers prevent, especially in self-service operation, unwanted access by any third parties. The higher placed cup positioner ring ensures that any cup will stay at its position even during a bumpy ride.

S2-Railway Auslauf zentral

Central outlet and cup positioner ring


Lockable containers

Montage Montagerahmen cmyk

Mounting frame

Railway specific options

We are constantly focused to adapt optimally to our customers’ requirements. Therefor we have continuously extended our range of options.

Rex-Royal Slide-In Platform


Our evolved slide system made of stainless steel «Rex-Royal Slide-In» has been especially designed for a direct access to the coffee machine, e.g. to allow a quick machine exchange during maintenance services. The unlocking of slide system is carried out by simply loosening of two bolts. Through pulling out the coffee machine a secure disconnection of the whole system (power supply incl. signal as well as fresh- and waste water) is guaranteed.

Water self-supply systems

An automatic fresh and waste water supply is available in two versions depending on capacity requirements.

1le module: 24lt fresh water| 12lt waste water
2le module: 36lt fresh water| 12lt waste water

The fresh water containers are coupled together whereby the water will always be on the same level. When reaching the minimum level (sensor controlled), only one container can be refilled whereby the level of all containers will be proportionally raised. The locking latches (red) securing the containers in their intended position. The attached pressure pump additionally guarantees a constant line pressure and with that a smooth functionality.

Kanistermodul 1er

Frost Protection


The frost protection allows an automatic emptying of the complete water system of the coffee machine including the connected water filter. A specially designed defrost process guarantees a gentle and slow heating up of the machine to its operation temperature. The Rex-Royal S2 Railway in switched-off mode will withstand temperatures up to -20°C without any risk of damages.

Milk Pack Cooler HL3

The Milk Pack Cooler HL3 for milk pack up to 1.5lt volume, offers a railway conform milk solution (intended for installation on the right side of the coffee machine). An innovative, automatic cleaning of the system, guarantees and optimal hygiene and the machinery integrated quality milk pump secures an exact output and optimal hygiene.


Product Pre-Configuration


To adapt to any project specific needs in an optimal way, upon request, any customer specific pre-settings of the beverages can be carried out directly in our works. With that the coffee machine is pre-configurated and can be installed with less time requirement.


The PowerSteam of Rex-Royal allows the temperature controlled foaming or heating up of milk via steam wand with confirmation of the desired temperature by an acoustic signal. With the PowerSteam, different types of milk can be foamed or heated-up. Depending on requested product, different variations of foaming and temperature can be programmed and configured and displayed on the TouchScreen. The PowerSteam is made of high-quality plastic PEEK which has less adhesive properties than stainless steel so it can be cleaned very easily.

S2-2021_CTI_Powersteam_Railway Perspektive cmyk

Decanter Outlet

S2-2021 Kannenauslauf Perspektive

The higher positioned decanter outlet in combination with the hot water bypass guarantees a quick and monitored filling up of decanters up to a height of 24 cm.

Brita Water filter PURITY
C Quell ST Rail
Hazard Level HL3

Unwanted taste- and odorous substances will be removed from the water and limescale deposits reduced. So that machine breakdowns will be reduced and an optimal product quality is guaranteed.


Telemetry Rex-Royal Cloud

Our telemetry solution Rex-Royal Cloud enables the monitoring and evaluation of all relevant information from any location. Additional functions such as Rex-Royal SmartOrder (contactless dispensing of beverages via mobile device) and the Rex-Royal WinApp (remote support) complete the offered service.


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