Swiss Made

Our fully automatic coffee machines are developed and produced entirely in Switzerland.


Since 1937, we have been proud to develop and manufacture our products in Switzerland. Our products are characterised by Swiss values such as reliability, precision, and manufacturing quality, all of which are reflected in the cachet of the Swiss Made label.

Our products are manufactured, developed, and assembled in the same location, resulting in minimal transport distances. We select regional suppliers whenever possible.

More than 85% of the added value in the manufacture of the machines is generated in Switzerland.

1 Base frame
2 Control electronics
3 Wiring harness
4 Bean container
5 Grounds container
6 Drip tray
7 Grinders
8 Brewing group
9 Control panel housing
10 Tea spout

11 Water pump (Italy)
12 Front (Slovenia)
13 Steam lance (Italy)
14 Coffee/steam boiler (Germany)

Production of the stainless steel base frame in our in-house sheet metalworking shop

Production of the stainless steel base frame in our in-house sheet metalworking shop

1987 Supermondo Dry – 2024 S1

1987 Supermondo Dry – 2024 S1

Expertise through continuity

Our innovative products are built on a stable foundation of comprehensive expertise and the traditional Swiss corporate landscape. Switzerland offers ideal conditions for developing and producing our coffee machines.

Individual customer requirements –
high quality standards

We are able to respond flexibly to individual customer requirements and maintain our high quality standards thanks to our product development and production at the same site.

Renfe railway company, Spain

Renfe railway company, Spain

High-tech and craftsmanship

Our products are something special, thanks to the latest technologies, high-quality design and innovative functions, all manufactured by precision craftsmanship in Switzerland.

Our commitment to Switzerland as a business location is a key component of our long-term strategy. We are committed to sustainable investment in Switzerland as a production location to ensure the high quality of our products.