Rex-Royal Cloud

IoT Internet of Things

The new telemetry solution named "Rex-Royal Cloud" is a connectivity solution which gives you total insight into your fleet of coffee machines. The coffee machines can be connected to the internet such to send status and sales information to the cloud.


Rex-Royal Cloud supervises the extraction of the coffee and supports the control of the product quality continuously.
Enables the monitoring of hygiene condition (cleaning) as well as the water filter capacities with information to imminent changes of water filter, for best water quality.



Clearly presented and customer specific adaptable statistics makes it simple to follow the trends and changing demands in the market in the shortest possible time.
- Turnover
- Consumption of coffee
- Product favourites

… transglobally retrievable from any web-enabled device.

Rex-Royal SmartOrder

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 Rex-Royal SmartOrder offers the possibility for contactless dispensing of products.
Through scanning a QR-code on the machinery TouchScreen, a dynamic generated website will be loaded in the browser. The product selection will be automatically displayed on the mobile device. The requested product can be selected, configurated and dispensed.
The website enables the saving of favourites. Thus, the favourite products are always ready for selection.



Rex-Royal offers support and advise to show the possibilities of the Rex-Royal Cloud technologies the ideal way and to optimize the whole monitoring of your coffee business.


Figure 1: Weekly monitoring


Figure 2: Monthly sales


Figure 3: Coffee bean consumption



The Media Platform «Rex-Royal Cloud» can be used specifically for promotional advertisement in the form of image messages or videos on the TouchScreen’s of the complete range of Rex-Royal-Portfolio 2020.
The Rex-Royal Cloud Server offers high memory capacity (free up to 250 MB) for graphics and videos. Extended capacities are possible upon request (fee-based).
Single machines or entire fleets can be equipped with new advertising messages or product configurations.


Predictive Maintenance

The «Predictive Maintenance» delivers maintenance information of the coffee machine in real time. Therefore maintenance assignments can be better coordinated and planned.
Rex-Royal Cloud supports with evaluation and maintenance planning.

API – Application Programming Interface

The Rex-Royal Cloud can also be integrated to a Future-Store (self-service warehouse). Thus, the API of the Cloud can be used for the optimal integration to your system. The Rex-Royal Software-Team supports with the implementation of the digital coffee applications.


Remote Access – Rex-Royal WinApp

The remote access enables the direct access to the coffee machine. All software functions and settings can be amended from any external PC’s. In addition to this error messages can be read-out and erased.
The remote access reduces significantly the maintenance assignments on-site, as many checks can be done preventively.

IT Data Security

The Rex-Royal Server has been tested with a «Security Audit» (risk and weak points analysis), from the perspective of an external attackers and fulfils highest security standards. Rex-Royal applies to die data security basic regulation. The data are always encrypted during this bidirectional communication. Aligned to Rex-Royal Privacy Statement as well as customers declaration of agreement.


Data Transfer

The telemetry Rex-Royal Cloud offers 3 possibilities for data transfer. The data can be transferred via WIFI or LAN. Beside the purchase of the telemetry-package, no monthly fees will be charged.
By using the SIM solution any local net provider has to be consulted. Monthly feed can vary depending on provider.

ArtNo:141062 - Rex-Royal Cloud WIFI
ArtNo:141188 - Rex-Royal Cloud LAN
N/L Rex-Royal Cloud SIM


To follow the trends and changing demands in the market in the shortest possible time, the application of cloud-based solutions is an important factor.
The new Rex-Royal IoT-solution (Internet of Things) «Rex-Royal Cloud» allows a direct access to the coffee machine. This enables to amend the beverage range and implement advertising messages easily as well as optimize the coffee quality or ensure the machines readiness for operation.
The Media Platform «Rex-Royal Cloud» can specifically used for promotional messages in for of images or videos on the TouchScreens of the complete Rex-Royal portfolio 2020. The bidirectional data transfer is always encrypted. The Rex-Royal Cloud offers free memory capacity of up to 250 MB.
Rex-Royal Cloud is flexible adaptable to the requirements of evaluations. All relevant data in terms of hygiene and condition as well as maintenance information can be read out easily. The professional Rex-Royal Customer Support assists with remote maintenance of the coffee machine.
Single machines or entire fleets can be equipped with new advertising messages or product configurations. Those fleets can be assigned individually and transnational. Seasonal product and price amendments, by using any payment system, can be easily controlled and activated in decentral location, at any requested time. Interventions on machines on-site, which generating high costs because of flat-rates or hours of work, getting more and more superfluous, as all the software functions can be controlled externally.

Get an impression

With our demo account, you can get a (limited) first impression of the Rex-Royal Cloud. Two demo machines (in daily operation) are available in the demo account.