Family Values

Giving Confidence


Our business was founded by my grandfather in 1937 and my father took it over in 1982 and he continued to expand it with success. It is now in its third generation and I am proud to continue this family business with the energetic support of my parents, my sister and my brother-in-law. Above all the core to our success is dependent upon our entire loyal, dedicated and motivated staff.
As we are an independent company, we are focused on our customer’s needs and therefore can react quickly to cater to their requirements and take their request seriously. I am convinced that we, as a modern and visionary Swiss family business, are able to continue asserting ourselves in the world market.

Peter L. Sager
Managing Director Rex-Royal AG


Where it all Started


The company HGZ

(wood gas generators Zurich) was founded in the year 1937, in its early years we were not producing coffee machines. However, just a few years later, the founder Heinrich Gertsch developed the first filter machines under the name „Bravilor”. Later, in the sixties, HGZ also started producing multiple-grouped piston and filter coffee machines for gastronomy under the name „Royal“. Subsequently the product range expanded further with the acquisition of the Swiss fully automatic producer „Rex” in 1969.
A few years later the brand „Rex-Royal” was born and is kept till today. After Peter and Verena Sager-Gertsch took over the business, the company grew considerably and the production location in Zurich-Affoltern was insufficient to accommodate the growth and therefore the facility had to be relocated. In 1987, the newly established registered business opened at Daellikon in Zurich and is still today the production location of our professional fully automatic coffee machines.


United Together

Since the founding

of the company, our people have been the core of our family business. Motivated, loyal and reliable employees working together in harmony and professionally makes up our competent team that drives our success in the development, fabrication and marketing of our products. Thanks to our lean organization and the high proprietary value creation, we are able to react promptly and efficiently to the most diverse requirements and can realize excellent solutions for our customers.



Open Minded

Portraits_2023 800x685px

Our customers are

our priority and importance, both in our home market Switzerland and worldwide. We are always excited to start new, interesting projects in the coffee machine world. We live by our values of reliability, credibility and integrity every day and are proud to market high-quality products from Rex-Royal around the world.


Design and Technology

Innovation and Quality

are all closely associated with the name Rex-Royal. Our fully automatic coffee machines are continuously being developed by our engineers and coffee experts to fulfil the highest demands on gastronomy even in the future. This guarantees reliability, durability and optimises your investment.


Understanding Coffee

Close to Nature


We like to share our knowledge

in relation to coffee machines and coffee. It is a long process from the bean up to a good cup of coffee. Especially in the coffee sector where variety is demanded.
Our coffee machines are designed to get the most out of your coffee from different roasting degree and bean type to extract the optimal taste. Our specialists will be able to individually programme every beverage from Espresso to Cappuccino to Latte Macchiato and concoct the best drink of the highest quality for your customer.

Centre of Competence

Rex-Royal Headquarters

As a family business

we are proud that for decades we have conducted the whole development and fabrication at Daellikon in Zurich and will continue expanding it. The production site in Switzerland is the main factor to ensure the high quality standard of our products.
The Swiss values of reliability, precision and processing quality characterize our coffee machines that carry the predicate „Made in Switzerland”.

Made in Switzerland

Rex-Royal Portfolio


Coffee machine for small to medium capacity

Despite its compact shape, the Rex-Royal S1 is the perfect coffee machine for small to medium-sized needs; whether in a bakery, a small restaurant, in convenience stores or in the office. The S1 ensures perfect preparation of your drinks.

Coffee machine for medium capacity

The Rex-Royal S2 is the perfect professional coffee machine for medium capacity requirements and is particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, retail sector, bakeries, takeaways, petrol stations, bookshops etc.

Your choice for medium to high capacity

The Rex-Royal S300 meets the high standards of hotel industry, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, petrol stations, takeaways, wherever a medium to high capacity is required.

Our power pack at the highest level

The Rex-Royal S500 is our power pack at the highest level, especially when large quantities of different coffee specialities are needed quickly as well as a high hot water capacity. The S500 is particularly suitable for coffee bars, exclusive gastronomy, hotel industry, etc.