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The Rex-Royal S200 Railway

is the proud result of the innovative ability and the knowledge of a modern, visionary Swiss company with over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of professional fully automatic coffee machines for railway applications. It meets all safety and quality demands. In addition to the attractive design, the high- performance and high-quality components ensure that your drinks are perfectly prepared. Whether you are looking for uncompromising top-quality coffee, a wide variety of hot drinks or ease of use, the S200 Railway meets every requirement.

Premium Quality

Highest standards in Swiss Quality

The patented Rex-Royal brewing

which holds up to 16g of ground coffee, and the specially developed Rex-Royal coffee grinder with precision grinding discs ensure constant, high-quality coffee, a consistent grinding level and guarantee optimum extraction of coffee powder for all coffee drinks. Whichever beverage is produced: all are dispensed via a central beverage outlet. The user-friendly operation of the machine via the 7-inch touch screen is simple and is particularly valued in the self-service area. The HACCP-approved cleaning system guarantees a high level of hygiene at all times.



Large choice on small space


Coffee, fresh milk

and instant drinks: this makes the Rex-Royal S200 Railway unbeatable. It was designed to combine high-quality fresh milk products as well as coffee products with varied consistencies. If there is a power cut, the system is equiped with shut-off protection (UPS) which secures the operation of the automated coffee machines for the next 3 minutes. The special cup holder ensures that the beverages are dispensed safely, even on bends. The integrated milk system with gear pump technology enables milk quantities to be dispensed accurately. It is easy to set the temperature, the system takes up little space and no refrigerator is required.

Functionality & Design

Rex-Royal –
no compromises



One step ahead

Innovations for more efficiency

Innovations for more efficiency: a newly developed slide system (slide-in platform) enables simple installation and quick replacement during maintenance assignments. Fresh and waste water are permanently monitored and ensure a faultless water supply. The machine uses a telemetry solution to deliver the most important figures via GPRS, i.e. without the use of a WLAN. The figures include the turnover, number of sales and consumption , error messages, etc. The lockable bean containers protect the content at unattended sales points.



With hands, head and heart


Traditional Swiss Company

we also rely on our Swiss values. Since our establishment in 1937, we have not only built up an economic foundation, but also a value-based. We not only believe in this foundation but much more, we live it every day. Convinced by this Swiss quality, we research, develop and produce in Daellikon near Zurich. The business is still led by the Sager family and stands for continuity in terms of reliability, high performance and the promise of sustainability.

Systematic & Approvals

Create your own Coffee System


the requirements for railway equipment have changed significantly in recent years and contribute greatly to the safety of passengers. We also take this into account and can rely on many well-known railway suppliers, including in Switzerland. Thanks to many years of experience in the railway business and our partners, we are always able to have our products tested in accordance with the latest standards and to offer the customer a product that safely meets all demands.



EN 45545-2 HL1
EN 45545-2 HL2


EN 61373:1999
EN 60068-2-27:2009


EN 60068-2-36
EN 61373-2010

EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

EN 50121-3-2
EN 50155

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