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Despite its compact shape, the Rex-Royal S1 is the perfect coffee machine for small to medium-sized needs; whether in a bakery, a small restaurant, in convenience stores or in the office.

Coffee machine for medium capacity

The Rex-Royal S2 is the perfect professional coffee machine for medium capacity requirements and is particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, retail sector, bakeries, takeaways, petrol stations, bookshops etc.

Your choice for medium to high capacity

The Rex-Royal S300 meets the high standards of hotel industry, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, petrol stations, takeaways, wherever a medium to high capacity is required.

Our power pack at the highest level

The Rex-Royal S500 is our power pack at the highest level, especially when large quantities of different coffee specialities are needed quickly as well as a high hot water capacity. The S500 is particularly suitable for coffee bars, exclusive gastronomy, hotel industry, etc.

«Passion for a holistic approach finding the best solution for partners together with an inspired team.»

Philipp Zindel | Head of Marketing and Sales | Rex-Royal AG

Powerful Combinations

Made for You

Kombination S1-Kuehlschrank-S1-Becher

Card reader - S1 MCT - 4 liter refrigerator with cup warmer - S1 MCTI - Cup dispenser


Cup warmer - S2 MCST - 4 liter refrigerator with shelf - S2 MCTI - Cup dispenser


Cup warmer - S300 MCST with PowerSteam - 10 liter refrigerator for 2 types of milk - S300 MCTI - Aroma module


Cup warmer - S500 MCST - 10 liter refrigerator for 2 types of milk - S500 MCTI - Aroma module

Flexible configurations

A variety of combination possibilities and options, such as a cup warmer, cup dispenser and mobile solutions complements the Rex-Royal coffee machines and optimally matches your requirements.

«Above all, the essence to our success as a family business company is our professionalism, competence and the motivation of our dedicated and loyal staff. As a team, we can realise good quality solutions in an efficient way that will benefit our customers worldwide»

Peter L. Sager | Managing Director | Rex-Royal AG

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