Diversity & Flexibility


Creating your optimum coffee service set-up is easy with Rex-Royal’s modular system. Our extensive range of flexible auxiliary equipment will adapt your machine to suit any requirement or situation.
Kombination S1-Kuehlschrank-S1-Becher

Rex-Royal’s choice of flexible cooling units and milk systems ensure gentle heating and foaming of milk as well as hygienic dispensing of drinks.


The AutoCean function guarantees a hygienically flawless milk system with minimal time or hassle.


Rex-Royal Refrigerator Series L4 & Fh4

new S2







The L4 series, geared for 4lt fresh milk, comes in a space-saving 225mm width and offers various combination options. Whether mounted on the right or left of the machine, the 4lt refrigerator can also be optionally equipped with a dispenser attachment for beverage accessories or a cup warmer.

The Fh4, with 4lt fresh milk capacity and wider 335mm width, is designed for a greater cup warmer capacity and can also be placed on the right or left of the coffee machine.

The cooling units of the L4 series, on request, can feed up to two coffee machines with fresh milk.

Rex-Royal Refrigerator Series L7 & L9




L9 UBR | L9-UBRd*





* for limited space also available in substructure (UBR|UBRd)

With a width of only 188mm, the cooling units of the L7 series offer an increased milk capacity of 7lt within an extremely narrow unit design. They can be placed between two machines as well as in the substructure.

The L9 series is suitable for higher requirements with up to 9lt capacity and is available with or without dispenser attachment. You can position these cooling units centrally, to feed two machines, or in the base cabinet.

Rex-Royal Refrigerator Series R10


R10 | R10d


Option 2nd milk type

The R10 series cooling units nestle elegantly with the design of the Rex-Royal S300 and S500 lines, which are equipped with a brushless stainless steel milk pump as standard. Their 10lt fresh milk capacity optimally meets all high capacity requirements.

If desired, the R10 can process two types of milk or feed two coffee machines with fresh milk.

All containers are sensor-monitored and enable interruption-free operation.

Rex-Royal PowerSteam


PowerSteam is the optimal solution where an extended range of milk beverages is required.

Temperature-monitored frothing allows each type of milk to be heated to its optimum temperature, then foamed. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, an acoustic signal is given, allowing other duties to be carried out during frothing.
The machine's touch screen can be programmed for the various products, which makes handling child's play, even for the inexperienced.

Rex-Royal PowerSteam is made of the high-quality plastic PEEK and, thanks to its low adhesion properties, the lance is very easy to clean and guarantees optimum hygiene.

Rex-Royal Aroma Module «A»


The Rex-Royal Aroma Module "A" is available for the entire machine portfolio and offers an endless variety of products to add flavour and sophistication to the drinks menu.
With the Aroma module A you can add syrups and spirits to your beverages. It offers space for 3 bottles. You can add up to two flavours per beverage. This gives an endless variety and allows to amend the portfolio of drinks per season.

Rex-Royal Cup Warmer «W»


W S1 | S2


W S300 | S500

The Rex-Royal W series cup warmers are a clever way to preheat drinking vessels and therefore prevent temperature loss during beverage dispensing. They have been specially designed to attach perfectly to Rex-Royal fully automatic machines.

Rex-Royal cup dispenser «CD»

Becherdispenser CD Perspektive rgb

Inserts: S: 55mm / M: 60mm / L: 65mm / XL: 75mm (12 pcs.)

Ideal for coffee to-go concepts, the Rex-Royal cup dispenser CD can be fitted with various inserts of different size, so that it always holds optimal capacity cups. These inserts can be easily changed at any time.

Rex Royal Mobile Trolley Flexible

Mobilwagen Wagen 2022_11_22 rgb
Mobilwagen Inhalt A 2022_11_22 rgb

Standard fresh water and waste water tanks
25lt fresh water 15lt waste water

Mobilwagen Inhalt B 2022_11_22 rgb

Extended wastewater capacity for CF models
25 lt each fresh & waste water

The Flexible mobile trolley is the ideal solution for banquets and catering. Depending on requirements, it can be left empty or supplemented with a monitored water self-supply, a water filter and a pressure boosting pump (Flojet). There is also room for additional equipment such as refrigerators. All that’s needed is a power connection and the entire catering system is ready to go.

Two swivel and locking castors each allow easy handling and a secure, safe stand. A generous drawer with four inserts offers plenty of space for accessories while the door has a lock to prevent access by unauthorized persons. On request, the mobile trolley can be equipped with a specially enlarged worktop.

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