Payment Systems

Payment Systems

Our two add-on housings have been adapted, in terms of version and size, to the current market requirements.

Add-on housing “Flex”


The new add-on housing “Flex” was especially developed for the newest payment system generation and can be added to the left or the right side of all Rex-Royal coffee machines.
Beside the newest MDB-interface the housing is equipped with a key switch for released/free product dispensing. Beside a coin system, all our contactless payment systems or customer specific card readers can be installed and integrated.

Add-on housing "CC"

The coin changer front has been reworked and offers the possibility to integrate contactless payment systems. Thanks to the compact dimensions the coin changer can be combined with all Rex-Royal coffee machine models. Furthermore, the massive construction with the “dual-lock” locking system and the internal separate lockable cash box guarantees highest protection. Beside the newest MDB-interface the housing is equipped with a key switch for released/free product dispensing.



Add-on housing for the flexible integration of MDB-card readers and coin acceptors. This reader accepts CHF or EUR and up to two different versions of tokens. The housing can be installed on the left or the right side of the coffee machine. Among this the system offers the newest MDB interface and a key switch for free dispensing.

Addable to the left or right


Payment Systems in Detail

Flex Nayax Onyx Perspektive

Nayax "Onyx"

The Onyx is more than a card reader. It is a device packed with powerful capabilities including contactless, NFC and QR payment systems, telemetry, marketing tools and remote machine management. This sleek contactless card reader can fit to booth add-on units and gives your consumer a convenient cashless payment experience.

Flex Payter Apollo Perspektive

Payter "Apollo"

The Apollo is a smart designed terminal which is based on the specifications of the European Vending Association and can be easy integrated to the actual add-on housings. The integrated QR-/barcode reader in the NFC-module extends the contactless payment options. The big 3.5-inch touchscreen simplifies the payment process and also supports a PIN code input.

Flex CoffeeCard Perspektive

Rex-Royal "CoffeeCard"

The CoffeeCard system is a simpler alternative to the contactless card systems. It offers the same comfort as a contactless card system and works without any statistics or interfaces. It convinces with an easy handling. For products with two different prices (e.g. cash- and card price), the Rex-Royal CoffeeCard payment system can be complemented with a coin tester system. The CoffeeCard can be revalued directly on the coffee machine with a Master revalue card or at the optional handy desktop revalue station, with cash.

Flex Dragon Perspektive

Hug-Witschi "Diva DeLight"

The “Diva DeLight” card reader can be installed to the add-on housing “Flex” and contains extensive statistics. This system can operate online and offline. The DeLight supports all known RFID technologies like Legic Prime/Advant and Mifare Classic/Desfire. In combination with the software Spider this card reader can be used for price controlling and accounting statements and can be connected to a back office.

Flex Customized A Perspektive

Customer Specific Payment System

The option customer specific payment systems offers the possibility of a flexible adjustment of the housing front panel to an individual payment system. Size and form will be considered for the cut out and the front panel will be delivered ready for installation. A key switch for free dispensing as well as a standard MDB interface, which allows a simple binding of all MDB payment systems, are included. For any customer specific payment systems, the “Flex” housing needs to be ordered additionally.


Overview of the installation variants of the respective systems into the available housings.

For each payment system it is absolutely necessary to select the corresponding housing.


Web interface - Vendon "vBox"

Analytics and management of your coffee machine data.


Rex-Royal offers a clever complete solution for the management of your coffee machine data. This contains the Telemetry-Hardware and a web-based software for control and overview of all important machine charac- teristics. The coffee machine data will be transferred via radio network in a clear and user-friendly monitoring tool.

There are a wide range of different payment systems available on the market. At this defines one interface, the MDB (Multi Drop Bud), the standard. It allows the unified connection of a payment system to a Rex-Royal coffee machine. Specific payment systems or the connectivity of existing readers can be realized.


The by Rex-Royal developed MDB interface allows the connection of all common MDB-payment systems to any Rex-Royal coffee machine. The MDB-interface is installed to all add-on housings as standard. If an MDB-interface is required without any add-on housing, it is also separately available.


The KMIP Interface enables via CSI-protocol the connection of a coffee machine with a cash- or dispensing system. If a CSI-protocol is already integrated to an existing cash system, it can also be connected directly. All remaining settings will be made through the cash system.


Depending on customer requirements of the payment system, additional options may be needed. For example, for statistics or additional func- tions, which cannot be programmed over the coffee machine, a DIVA 2 (Digital Intelligent Vending Adapter) interface is recommended. The DIVA 2 can be connected to a network and forward the transactions e.g. to a back office.


The KBOX Interface enables via E-protocol the connection of a coffee machine with a cash- or dispensing system. If a CSI-protocol is already integrated to an existing cash system, it can also be connected directly. All remaining settings will be made through the cash system.

More Payment Terminals


Also available

  • Nayax "VPOS Touch"

  • Worldline "Valina"

  • CCV "InSync"

  • Hug-Witschi "Twint"

  • FEIG cVEND TOPP Terminal

  • Payter ApolloMax

  • Payter P66s

  • Ingenico Self2000

  • Ingenico iUC 150

  • Ingenico iUC 180

  • Kashing Kurvey

  • Other payment terminals on request


Rex-Royal Coin/Token Acceptor

The coin acceptor is the most common payment system and still a favoured alternative to the card systems. The coin acceptor works with more or less all currencies and can be used also with tokens or both. Thanks to the simple programming concept, coins can be blocked or released easily. Any tokens can be simply programmed as required.



British Pound


All necessary settings like product prices can be comfortably made on the coffee machine itself. Due to the MDB interface the coin acceptor can be combined with any MDB card reader or the CoffeeCard. In addition to this the integrated key switch allows the dispensing of products for free sales.


The CoffeeBadge system is the simpler alternative to contactless card systems. It offers the same convenience of a contactless card system, but does not require statistics and interfaces and is easy to use. For products with two different prices (cash and card price), the Rex-Royal CoffeeBadge payment system can be supplemented with a coin validator. The CoffeeBadge can be charged with cash directly at the coffee machine, with a master badge or the practical optional table charging station.

CoffeeBadge & Master


Revalue Station


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