Payment Systems

A huge range of different payment systems are avaible in the market. The MDB is the only available standard interface in that range. The MDB interface allows the connection of a card reader with a coffee machine. An installation to an existing or specific MDB payment system is possible without any problems in a Rex-Royal add-on housing.

Add-on housing "CC"

Coin Changer

The coin changer front has been reworked and offers the possibility to integrate contactless payment systems. Thanks to the compact dimensions the coin changer can be combined with all Rex-Royal coffee machine models. Furthermore the massive construction with the “dual-lock” locking system and the internal separate lockable cash box guarantees highest protection. Beside the newest MDB-interface the housing is equipped with a key switch for
released/free product dispensing.


The coin changer housing can be equipped with the MEI CF7900 (coin changer unit) and all required payment systems. It is always located on the left side of the coffee machine.


MW-L-PAY_S2 Frontal


S2 FLEX-L Frontal


S2 FLEX-MJP-R Frontal

Especially developed for the newest payment system generation it can be added to the left or the right side of all Rex-Royal coffee machines. Beside the newest MDB-interface the housing is equipped with a key switch for released/free product dispensing. Beside a coin system, all our contactless, payment systems or customer specific card readers can be installed and integrated.

Add-on housing “Flex”

addable to the left or right


Customer specific reader

Flex-L + Customer specific reader

The “Flex” housing has been especially designed for a wide range of versions and sizes of payment systems. The simple and massive front construction will be quickly adapted by Rex-Royal to fit for all required payment systems and guarantees an easy installation. The standard MDB interface enables an easy connection of all MDB payment systems. The housing is equipped with a key switch for released/free product dispensing.


Overview of the installation variants of the respective systems into the available housings. For each payment system it is absolutely necessary to select the corresponding housing. All housings with a coin acceptor are compatible for CHF and EUR. For British Pounds please mention/order the option “Coin Acceptor GBP” (Art.no. 140299) additionally.

The by Rex-Royal developed MDB interface allows the connection of all common MDB-payment systems to any Rex-Royal coffee machine. The MDB-interface is installed to all add-on housings as standard. If an MDB-interface is required without any add-on housing, it is also separately available

Rex-Royal CoffeeCard

CoffeeCard is a real alternative to many cost intense card systems. It offers the same comfort as a contactless card system, but works without any statistics, interfaces and convinces through a simple handling. Due to this and exclusively for the Rex-Royal machines a card system is available for an attractive price.
If products shall be offered with two prices (a cash- and a card price), the CoffeeCard system can be combined with a coin system via interface. In addition to this the CoffeeCard can be revalued with the Master load card or the practical revalue station with cash.
The CoffeeCard can be used for cashless payment of dispensed coffee products or as an ID-Card which allows the costless
dispensing of products.

Rex-Royal Coin acceptor

The coin acceptor is the most common payment system and still a favoured alternative to the card systems. The coin acceptor works with more or less all currencies and can be used also with tokens or both. Thanks to the simple programming concept, coins can be blocked or released easily. Any tokens can be simply programmed as required.
All necessary settings like product prices can be comfortably made on the coffee machine itself. Due to the MDB interface the coin acceptor can be combined with any MDB card reader or the CoffeeCard. In addition to this the integrated key switch allows the dispensing of products for free sales.

Rex-Royal Coin changer

All coin changer systems will be standardly attached to the left and are not adaptable to other payment systems. Foreign currencies are available upon request.

The main feature of the coin changer is the reservoir of cash float, which guarantees a proper operation and availability of all products. Thanks to the compact design, the coin changer can be combined with all Rex-Royal coffee machines. The 4-step instruction on the front of the changer shows a simple and understandable user guide. The solid
construction with the dual-lock system and the separate, internal lockable cash box guarantee highest security. The coin changer is available in the currencies EUR and CHF. In addition this system can operate with 2 different tokens.
Especially for customers who already have a coin changer system, Rex-Royal offers the possibility of an empty add-on housing with MDB interface. The standardised fastening allows the installation of all common MDB coin changers.

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