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At Rex-Royal we have combined our passion for technology and the knowledge of coffee specialists to fulfil the requirements of gastronomy today with a wide and modular range, whether as self-service or counter service.
The innovative power of a modern Swiss family business with many years of experience in the production of professional, fully automatic coffee machines lies behind the Rex-Royal product range. The production site in Switzerland is an essential factor in securing the high-quality standards of our products. Swiss values such as reliability, precision and high-quality workmanship shape our coffee machines, that all bear the mark “Made in Switzerland”.

Kaffeevollautomat Rex-Royal S1 - Restaurant - Baeckerei - Kaffeebar

Rex-Royal S1

Compact and Efficient


The Rex-Royal S1, despite its amazingly compact form, is the perfect coffee machine for small to medium capacity needs. Whether you want to offer a classic coffee, espresso, up to numerous milk and mixed drinks and hot chocolate in a bakery, a small restaurant, convenience stores or in the office, the S1 ensures a perfect preparation of your drinks with the powerful and high-quality components.


Rex-Royal S2

Quality on All Levels


The S2 is a professional coffee machine for medium capacity requirements.
An intuitive, video-capable 7-inch touch screen offers an entire range of individual drink creations. From an espresso or classic coffee to numerous milk drinks and other mixed drinks such as a cappuccino, latte macchiato or hot chocolate, the S2 leaves nothing to be desired.
The solid, high-performance Rex-Royal metal brewing unit with a capacity of up to 16 grams of coffee powder ensures the best quality of coffee and guarantees optimal extraction for both single and double products.
It is possible to get tea and coffee at the same time with the professional Rex-Royal tea/steam boiler, which is capable of outputting up to 28 litres of hot water per hour. Expertise, an innovative spirit and lots of passion; these values characterise the new compact S2 and guarantee Swiss quality on every level.


Rex-Royal S300

The Perfect Choice


The S300 meets the demands of the modern professional catering industry.
In addition to the attractive and elegant design, high-quality components ensure your drinks are prepared perfectly. The Rex-Royal metal brewing unit, which can hold up to 23 grams of coffee powder, ensures consistent coffee quality for single and double products. The S300 comes with two precision grinders as standard. That means that every product can be served with an optimal aroma for various types of coffee and levels of grinding. A hot, perfect espresso is guaranteed thanks to the optional, heated coffee spout, even if the machine isn’t used for a long time.
Thanks to the two integrated instant containers, smooth, creamy chocolate creations or even mixed coffee drinks are available at the push of a button.


Rex-Royal S500

The Powerful Inspiration


The S500 is really on top form when large quantities of a wide variety of drinks are required quickly, both as singles and as doubles.
From a hot espresso to a fine-pored cappuccino and cold or warm milk foam through to sweet hot chocolate. You can also work with two different types of milk if required. The S500 runs with up to three separate boilers for making coffee, supplying the steam and hot water and for warming up the milk. With a hot water output of up to 58 litres per hour, efficient supply without any interruptions is possible at any time. Fitted with two quick and quiet grinders as standard, you can add an optional third grinder to the S500.
One form of efficient support in terms of self-service is the automatic vertically-adjustable drinks spout. The spout automatically positions itself at the correct height for the mug, glass or cup.

Rex-Royal Portfolio


Coffee machine for small to medium capacity

Despite its compact shape, the Rex-Royal S1 is the perfect coffee machine for small to medium-sized needs; whether in a bakery, a small restaurant, in convenience stores or in the office. The S1 ensures perfect preparation of your drinks.

Coffee machine for medium capacity

The Rex-Royal S2 is the perfect professional coffee machine for medium capacity requirements and is particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, retail sector, bakeries, takeaways, petrol stations, bookshops etc.

Your choice for medium to high capacity

The Rex-Royal S300 meets the high standards of hotel industry, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, petrol stations, takeaways, wherever a medium to high capacity is required.

Our power pack at the highest level

The Rex-Royal S500 is our power pack at the highest level, especially when large quantities of different coffee specialities are needed quickly as well as a high hot water capacity. The S500 is particularly suitable for coffee bars, exclusive gastronomy, hotel industry, etc.

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